Yacht design

passion for design

Aesthetic and Technical Design are the twin driving forces behind your yacht. First-class Aesthetics assure graceful exteriors, enclosing interiors highlighting attractive materials. Up-to-date Technology provides all practical features required for untroubled, economical cruising. The combination of both assures the highest resale value.


Our designs—refined by our Specialty in Elegant Lines—are created by an open, friendly collaboration with clients: private owners or shipyards marketing yachts.

We start by listening carefully to each client’s ideas, then we convert them to sketches for approval, followed by translation into digitized construction data.

why details matter

For a first-quality yacht, the designer must equally provide the overall shape and the details and not leave it to the builder to fill in the blanks. We take pride in working through all details, being sure that everything visible or hidden is harmonious and functional, and that feelings of quality and comfort strike you immediately when you come aboard, time after time.